Dance Floor Rentals

* 16' X 16' Parquet Wood = $400

20' x 20' Parquet Wood = $600

Pic below of floor rented by Zac Brown for his Nephew's Wedding!  You too, can rent the same floor used by Zac Brown's Family!

         Dance on the clouds! 

Cloud Machine & Dry Ice =$300

high roller

led disco dance floor

** This is the ULTIMATE Disco Dance Floor!  Your guests will know you mean business when you WOW them with this HUGE LED lit dance floor.  Must allow 3 hours for set up!  Call for pricing and details! **

 For all questions E-mail us below...

                  Hat Trick Entertainment & Dance Floor Rentals

                               Sharpspsburg, Ga

                            (678) 423-4468

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