About Kevin - The whole story....

   Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Kevin moved with his family to Atlanta in 1976!  It wasn't until a return move back to Miami, for a year in 1983, that Kevin was exposed to DJing, entertainment, music, and the up & coming hip hop and breakdance culture.  That culture heavily influenced Kevin's Desire to chase the dream of owning his own Entertainment company one day! 

     Kevin took those original influences, expanded upon them, and found a liking for music of ALL genres! Especially, the 80's boom of New Wave, Hair bands, rap/rock collaborations, and the KING of POP, Michael Jackson!!

   Kevin gained his early experience and teachings in the private sector, doing Private Parties, Weddings, and all kinds of other events for 'DJ's TO GO' based in Buckhead, GA.  It was working for them that Kevin was taught how to handle the formalities of Weddings, Corporate events, School Functions, and pretty much, occasions of ALL kinds!

    Kevin is known for his top notch ability to capture a crowd by engaging with his audience thru timely humor, the ability to read his crowd and connect with the HAMS of the group, to help him create a fun atmosphere!  It is pretty safe to say, that 90% of all his referrals and repeat business comes from these abilities to connect with his audience and satisfied clients!!

     If you desire a DJ/ Host that creates a fun and festive atmosphere....KEVIN IS YOUR GUY!  Couple that with a TOP-NOTCH supporting CAST, Sound, Lights, and Luxury Party Rentals....and you have the recipe for success...which is put into each and every event Kevin hosts!  Go ahead, give us a call....YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! :)  (678) 423-4468

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